Novitec again presented a highly modified Ferrari 812

Novitec again presented a highly modified Ferrari 812

May 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Called the N-Largo, as with all the tuner’s wide-body projects, the highly modified naturally aspirated supercar is now 14 centimeters wider behind and 7 cm from the front thanks to the “bloated” wings.

Novitec presented its tuning kit for the Italian 812 Superfast earlier this year, and now they are releasing a sequel to this project. It is a wide-body aerodynamic body kit for the Ferrari road monster.

The standard front wings were replaced with wider ones, adding 7 cm wide to give the car a more powerful presence on the road. These non-standard rocker panels can be made of pure carbon fiber or be glossy or matte, and in addition to a good appearance, they optimize the air flow between the wings.

Almost everywhere, something has changed compared to the standard machine from Maranello.

On the roof of the trunk is set invisible spoiler. In front of the hood there are restyled vents and a recycled bumper. In addition to working with the body, the guys from Novitec also got rid of standard alloy wheels and replaced them with light 21-inch forged wheels in the front and larger 22-inch rims in the back.

Rounding out the list of visible changes are the new suspension springs bringing the coupe closer to the road by 35 mm. The hydraulic lift system raises the front of the vehicle by 40 mm. An exhaust system with adjustable valves optimizes power flow and allows the V12 engine to sound better.

Novitec experts also increased the engine power from 789 to 829 horsepower. Torque also increased from 718 to 751 Nm. Novitec’s 812 Superfast will accelerate to 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds or one tenth of a second faster. The maximum speed is 345 km / h.