Not only SUV: the model line of the sub-brand Zotye is diluted with a liftback

Not only SUV: the model line of the sub-brand Zotye is diluted with a liftback

June 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The network posted the first images of future new models of the Chinese brand Traum. The brand belongs to the company Zotye.

The brand Traum debuted in the summer of 2017. For the external appearance of the models of the subbrand Zotye, Benedek Toth, who previously worked in the American division of Daimler, answers. At the moment, there are three Traum crossovers: S70, Meet 3 and Seek 5. The first two crossovers are already being sold in China, and Meet 3 entered the market only recently – at the end of May 2018. Cross Seek 5 will reach local dealers in July-August. For this year, the premiere of the Meet-5 cross-coupe, which is a Mazda CX-4 clone, is also planned. And in 2019, the Chinese will be offered two more models – another SUV and a liftback. Photos of new products were distributed by local media.

Note that the pictures clearly imprinted models, so that the design of commodity vehicles may still change. It is assumed that, like the other Traum models, the untitled crossover and elevator will be built on the modular TMA platform. On the motors there is no information. Most likely, the engines will come from the current models of the brand. Although it is possible and the emergence of hybrid or electrical installations.

Crossovers Meet 3 and Seek 5 are equipped with a petrol four-cylinder turbo engine 1.5 power of 150 hp. (207 Nm). The same motor is also suggested for the cup-shaped Meet 5. At the Meet 3 the engine is combined with a five-speed manual transmission or variator, for Seek 5 there are six-speed manual and automatic transmission. Crossover Traum S70 is available with a 156-strong “turbo four wit capacity of 1.5 (215 Nm), 5-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission. Drive for all models of Traum – only front.

While the sales results of Traum S70 are known only: in January-May of this year in China, 7,147 such cars were sold. For China, these are insignificant figures. For comparison, the crossover Haval H6 (leader of the SUV segment in China) only in May 2018 sold 30 616 copies. And this despite the fact that the six-series is much more expensive: the most affordable version of the H6 will cost 103,000 yuan, and the price of the crossover Traum S70 – from 81,900 yuan. However, do not forget that Havail sells in China H6 two generations at the same time.