Not all Ford Bronco Easter eggs were found

Not all Ford Bronco Easter eggs were found

September 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The chief designer of Ford Bronco SUV carefully hid the main one.

The reborn Ford Bronco is inspired by a classic SUV and contains many Easter eggs, but not all of them were found by the curious audience.

The new Ford Bronco is lavishly filled with a variety of Easter eggs: perhaps the most obvious of them is the shape of the engine start button, which mimics the shape of the headlight. A small US flag can be found on the gear lever, and a large Ford lettering is stamped on the inner lining of the lower tailgate – just like in the cargo hold of the classic Bronco. In the outlines of the lanterns, you can see the letter B, which obviously hints at the Bronco. However, the chief designer of the SUV said that not all Ford Bronco Easter eggs were found.

In an interview with Muscle Cars and Trucks, Paul Wraith said that the public has not yet been able to find the “main” Easter egg, which is hidden from view. The designer noted that it “brings a smile” to his face, but declined to explain how this mysterious element could be found or give any clues as to its location. In the new generation Ford F-150 pickup, several Easter eggs were also found, which are directly related to the country of origin of the brand.