Norton probably sold 961 engine rights before bankruptcy

Norton probably sold 961 engine rights before bankruptcy

April 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Norton Motorcycles bankruptcy story continues. Many interesting facts come up.

Firstly, the big pension scandal that is currently being investigated by the UK pension regulator. Secondly, there are stories about the alleged sale of new Norton motorcycles, their recall and disassembly for parts at the factory. Of course, we do not forget the story of how the UK government drove a ton of taxpayer money into a bottomless pit. And this is just the beginning …

On March 20, it was reported that Stuart Garner had made a deal with Jinlang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. He, in fact, sold all rights and patents for the Norton 961 engine, as well as equipment. posted photos of Wu Huacong and Stuart shaking hands. Some photos show documents, as well as the image of the motor on one of the monitors.

Jinlang is an experienced scooter and motorcycle manufacturer who sells small-wheeled motorcycles under the brands Ariic and Jinlang. The Chinese are supplying components to other companies, including Zongshen, as well as producing engines for some Polaris ATVs.

This whole story smells very bad. It seems that Stuart Garner was not interested in the development and restoration of the greatness of Norton. He simply distributed capital, was engaged in fraud and all that. Let’s see how it all ends. What is true and what is not ?!