Norris surpassed the morning result of Giovinazzi on the fifth day of the tests F-1

Norris surpassed the morning result of Giovinazzi on the fifth day of the tests F-1

February 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

And the best result during the morning session did not break the record of the previous four days. But Norris from the McLaren team managed to get close to him. And of course, his car was shod in the softest tires Pirelli. This writes the publication Motosport.

In the morning, Antonio Giovinazzi drove his fastest lap in 1: 18,589, but after lunch only four riders managed to overtake him. Participants continued to work on long stretches of the course. Lando Norris due to the loss of pressure in the hydraulics in the morning the car stopped on the track. The situation was repeated 20 minutes before the end of the races, so he finished the fifth day of the winter tests with a score of 1: 17,709.

In second place with a margin of 0.006 seconds was the Frenchman Pierre Gasley. He also drove the greatest number of laps on Tuesday – 136. On the third is Lance Stroll – 1: 17,824, he just like Norris skated a day on the C4 tires. Vettel went to C3, and showed the time 1: 17,925, located on the fourth position. Top five closes Giovinazzi.

 This is followed by: 6 – Elbon (1: 18,649), 7 – Leclaire (1: 18,651), 8 – Magnussen (1: 18,769), 9 – Russell (1: 19,662), 10 – Riccardo (1: 20,107), 11 – Bottas (1: 20,167), 12 – Hamilton (1: 20,332), 13 – Hulkenberg (1: 20,348).

 During the races, Bottas’ car showed a problem with oil pressure and the team had to replace the engine. For the evacuation of the Mercedes W10 were applied red flags. Note that the tests will last until March 1 inclusive.

Meanwhile, Mick Schumacher can get behind the wheel of an F-1 race car as part of Alfa Romeo as part of a newbie test.