Nobody needs a Volvo 960 with crazy power

Nobody needs a Volvo 960 with crazy power

November 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The owner of the 3042-horsepower car tried to sell it at eBay, but none of the Internet users offered a price that would suit the seller.

The owner of the tuned Volvo 960, whose power was raised to an incredible 3,042 horsepower, decided to sell his car on the Internet. The maximum rate for this 1992 model year sedan rose to $ 12,500. This amount was lower than the reserve price, and the car owner did not sell the sedan.

 To achieve such crazy power, the owner of the Volvo 960 installed a Chevrolet petrol V8 with a working volume of 10.3 liters. Also not without a TBS compressor, four XS Power AR70 turbines and an advanced fuel injection system.

 After such an upgrade, the engine began to demonstrate 3,042 hp. and 4263 N • m of torque. The reinforced 4AKPP was chosen for the transmission role. This sedan was prepared for drag races, so it boasts a certified racing fuel tank. At the same time, after all the improvements, the sedan retained the right to leave on regular roads. Such a “pumped” car was equipped with a navigator, an audio system, as well as a very useful hidden radar detector. The Volvo 960 sedan runs on rare racing gasoline with an octane rating of 116. Therefore, it is better to refrain from long trips on this car.