Nissan will stop producing Versa hatchback after 2019

Nissan will stop producing Versa hatchback after 2019

April 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new version of the South Korean sedan will debut on April 12.

According to the foreign publication CarsDirect, the South Korean brand Nissan will no longer produce the Versa Note compact van in the back of a hatchback at the end of this year – this is about the US car market.

We assume that this version of the car is leaving the market because it can be replaced by one of the new, more popular automaker’s compact crossovers.

The Kicks model, as well as the Leaf all-electric hatchback, immediately come to mind. Both cars are more expensive than the current Versa Note – in particular, the Leaf is almost twice as expensive – $ 29,990. Yes, and it seems that both cars, the audience is much larger – sales of electric vehicles increased by 31% last year, and as for the Kicks crossover, despite the fact that it was introduced in 2018, 23,312 of it were sold in Japan .

It was rumored that the Versa Note hatchback could have left last month. Nissan sold almost 76,000 cars last year, which is not so little, but again, this is a version of the model in the hatchback and sedan. Next week, Nissan will introduce a new version of Versa. We expect that the exterior of the new product will be similar to the recently updated Altima sedan, and its interior will become more modern.

Nissan could benefit from the rejection of the Versa hatchback model, given the steady increase in global sales of crossovers and SUVs.