Nissan will sharply reduce car production in May

Nissan will sharply reduce car production in May

April 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The reason was the coronavirus epidemic, due to which sales of new cars fell sharply.

Japanese automaker Nissan plans to reduce the number of cars it produces in May in the home market. This was announced on Tuesday, April 28. At the same time, the reduction in production will become quite sharp – “minus” 78%. The blame for the coronavirus epidemic, due to which sales fell significantly. At the same time, dealers still have enough stocks in their warehouses.

If these data are confirmed, then Nissan will release only 13,400 cars in Japan – we recall that in May 2019 this figure was 61,000. Most of all, this situation will affect the Kyushu plant, where the Rogue Sport SUV is assembled – the demand for this car fell almost to zero. Enterprises in Tochigi and Kanagawa Prefecture also temporarily ceased operations.

It is already known that it will not be limited only to May – in June Nissan plans to assemble 33,700 new cars in Japan, which is almost two times lower than last year’s result and the current production plan.

 The coronavirus pandemic hit Nissan hardest – all this is happening against the backdrop of a general crisis in the company, which is accompanied by the departure of the chairman of the board, Carlos Gon. The main partner of Nissan – the company Mitsubishi – will also reduce the volume of production of cars, but not so significantly. It is about 30%.