Nissan will return Infiniti headquarters to Japan

Nissan will return Infiniti headquarters to Japan

May 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The brand is undergoing major changes. The announcement of the relocation of the headquarters is taking place against the backdrop of recent statements about the imminent cessation of production in the UK, complete withdrawal from the European market and abandonment of diesel engines.

Infiniti is currently headquartered in Hong Kong. It was moved there in 2012. This was a significant event for the premium brand. The company explained its decision by the desire to “be closer to the Chinese market for a better understanding of it and the possibility of providing the most relevant products.” Now, the official position is formulated differently, Infiniti wants to be “closer to the head company Nissan Motor for better interaction and optimization of teamwork in the electrification process of the Infiniti model line”.

At the moment, the office in Hong Kong employs 180 people. It is not specified whether it will be completely closed or transformed due to a change in status.

The company emphasizes that its priorities are the same, and the main markets remain the United States and China. In the next three years, 5 new models will be released in the PRC, but plans for the global market are not so clear. It is known that in 2020 Infiniti will completely stop the production of cars in the UK and generally leave Europe, due to low demand. Attempts to gain a foothold in this market, the company strenuously took over the past decade, but they were not crowned with success. As for China, its Infiniti continues to see the most promising market, especially after the electrification of the model range.

The transfer of the main office of Infiniti will take place in the next few years, it will be located in Yokohama, in the same place where the headquarters of Nissan Motor is located.