Nissan will not release X-Trail in the UK

Nissan will not release X-Trail in the UK

February 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The decision was made by the head of the European division of the Japanese brand. At the same time, Mr. De Ficci emphasized that such a policy of the automaker is in no way connected with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Model Nissan X-Trail will not stand on the conveyor of the plant brand in Sunderland. The fact that the brand refuses to produce this crossover in the UK, on ​​the eve of TASS writes with reference to the largest international news agency Press Association. It is noted that the step at which the Japanese brand decided, should not be regarded as a fear of the consequences of Brexit.

In the appeal of the head of the European branch of Nissan, Gianluca de Ficci, it is emphasized that the reason for such a decision was purely business reasons.

Among them, in particular, are called the decline in sales in the UK market, as well as the entry into force of the new rules on diesel engines. At the same time, the letter makes a remark that the uncertainty that has arisen in connection with the release of Great Britain from the European Union does not allow companies to make plans for the future.