Nissan will not lose its CEO

Nissan will not lose its CEO

March 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Hiroto Saikawa will remain director of the company for longer than expected. In January, he announced a desire to relinquish his powers, but now intends to maintain his position in the company.

According to sources close to the company, Saikawa said in an internal meeting that he plans to head Nissan for at least three more years to help the company recover from the scandal associated with the financial frauds of Carlos Gon. This statement is significantly at odds with the message that the head of Nissan made at a press conference on January 24, where he stated that he would resign “as soon as possible.”

The head of the alliance, Carlos, appointed Gon Hiroto Saikawa as the CEO of Nissan in 2017. It was Saikawa who publicly accused Gona of fraud. Tensions between them arose after the scandal with violations during the final inspection at the factories of Nissan forced the company to stop production in Japan for two weeks and withdraw a million cars. Then Gon criticized Saikavu for being too slow in solving the company’s problems.

Despite Hiroto Saikawa’s plans, there is no guarantee that he will remain in his place.