Nissan will introduce technology from the GT-R supercar to its first Ariya electrocross

Nissan will introduce technology from the GT-R supercar to its first Ariya electrocross

January 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

It seems that Nissan has come up with how to transfer the habits of the GT-R to its new electric cars. At the CES exhibition in Las Vegas these days (January 7-10), the brand introduced an all-wheel drive electric power plant that will give its cars the temperament and habits of a sports car in serial electric cars.

The system was called e-4orce, and for the first time Nissan tested it on the 2019 Leaf prototype electric prototype. Recall, it is equipped with two electric motors with a total output of 309 hp, which support the system of vector traction distribution, which greatly improves the stability of the machine during sharp accelerations and braking.

Takao Asami, Nissan’s Senior Vice President of Research and Advanced Engineering, said the e-4orce “gives drivers more confidence than ever before.” “This technology provides excellent cornering and traction on slippery surfaces, and also provides a comfortable ride for all passengers,” he added.

In serial form, this power plant will debut on the first all-electric crossover Nissan Ariya, the concept of which was shown at the Tokyo Auto Show in October 2019. At its core, it is a symbiosis of the Leaf electric hatchback and the traditional Qashqai crossover with looks based on the 2017 IMx concept car.

Nissan has not yet confirmed the information that the new power plant will appear on other models, but Ivan Espinoza, head of brand planning department, previously stated that the company is discussing electric versions of the GT-R and 370Z models. It is likely that nothing will prevent the Japanese in the future from creating, based on the conceptual Leaf, its sports modification.