Nissan will help reduce electricity costs

Nissan will help reduce electricity costs

January 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Nissan will develop household energy storage systems. The first solution in this area, called Nissan Energy Solar, the automaker introduced at the symposium Electric Ecosystem Experience.

The platform of the Nissan Energy Solar consists of solar panels, an xStorage Home energy storage module and a control system that controls the process of accumulating and consuming energy. For example, it will allow you to accumulate excess electricity during the day and use it only at night to charge an electric vehicle.

Platform Nissan Energy Solar is available only for residents of the UK at a price of 3881 pounds sterling. Its use on average by 66 percent reduces electricity costs.

Earlier a similar system was introduced by Mercedes-Benz. Together with the manufacturer of solar panels Vivint Solar, the German brand has developed an energy storage module that will allow to use the accumulated energy during peak hours.