Nissan will abandon its company Datsun

Nissan will abandon its company Datsun

October 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Everything indicates that soon Datsun, a long time owned by the Japanese company Nissan, will become a free company. This will happen due to the failure of the main automaker of not fully loaded enterprises.

Nissan has decided to race for profit. In this pursuit, the Japanese company wants to close several weakly loaded enterprises in large markets where Datsun (part of the Nissan brand) manufactures its cars for the Indonesian, Russian and Indian markets.

 However, the factories of the Japanese brand in the United States of America and China will operate as before without any changes.

 “The plan is expected to be presented this month, but some aspects are still being worked out. In general, the plan is designed to free up resources in order to focus more strongly on the USA and China, ” – according to sources closely familiar with this situation.

 Nissan officials have not yet commented on this.