Nissan Versa made a motor home from a hatchback

Nissan Versa made a motor home from a hatchback

April 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A romantically inclined young man made a full-fledged motor home out of an old Nissan Versa hatchback.

  Campers and vans come in many shapes and sizes. They can range from the fancy VW Beetle city car to the massive Mercedes Unimog truck. But I can say for sure, I have never seen such projects based on the Nissan Versa hatchback, which is better known in our market under the name Tiida.

It was this idea that came to Joey White’s mind when he moved cross-country from Florida to California to be closer to his girlfriend. When he arrived, he had problems finding housing, so he decided to re-equip his car for permanent residence in it.

Small space required ingenuity. The front passenger seat disappeared – it was replaced by a dining table.

Someone can sit on the side of the driver’s seat, and the other in the rear passenger seat. Under the table there is a storage space along with an access panel to the new fuse box in the car, which controls the internal electronics.

Behind the driver is the kitchen area. There is a small sink with running water that drains into the gray tank below. There is also a tiny pantry and USB charging ports that are located throughout the interior. Next to the sink is a mini trash bin which is made low profile.

 The trunk is used for additional storage – clothes, shoes and other equipment are stored there. Bedding is also stored here. The bed unfolds when the rear passenger seat also folds, resulting in a flat bed. There is an air mattress and a sleeping bag, as well as blackout curtains that are hung on magnets.