Nissan Updates NV100 Clipper

Nissan Updates NV100 Clipper

June 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Upgraded both major versions – Clipper and Clipper Rio. Improvements minicar gets after the original Suzuki Every, a new version of which is this model Nissan.

In Clipper, a more advanced automatic braking system can be considered the main change. Now she is using data not only from the radar, but also from the stereo cameras. This is said to have made pedestrian detection more efficient. In addition, the automatic locking of the accelerator with a random press works now and when reversing. It is alleged that this function was not used before in the segment of commercial keycars.

In a number of configurations, as standard, there are automatic high-beam control systems, warnings about leaving the occupied lane, the start of traffic ahead of vehicles (DX GL, GX (with 4-speed automatic transmission), GX Turbo, and all Clipper Rio).

In the DX and DX GL, the 5-speed automated transmission has been replaced with a 4-speed automatic transmission. There are three types of transmission available: 5-speed robotized and manual gearbox, as well as 4-spee automatic transmission.

The engine is a 0.66-liter 3-cylinder. In a number of complete sets it is offered with turbocharging. All Clipper Rio – only turbocharged. Drive – rear or full in any modification.

Like Every, Clipper now has a shelf under the ceiling in front of the cabin in the corresponding trim levels. External changes during the modernization of the cars have not received.

The cost of the Nissan NV100 Clipper in Japan is 1 016 280 – 1 560 600 yen, the NV100 Clipper Rio is noticeably more expensive – 1 681 560 – 1 895 560 yen. Cars already on sale in the domestic market.