Nissan unveils the world’s first zero-emission lullaby for children

Nissan unveils the world’s first zero-emission lullaby for children

February 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Nissan comes to the rescue of exhausted parents across Europe, offering a solution for those who rely heavily on the magical effects of the cars of the future to gently put their children to sleep.

The new product, dubbed the Nissan Leaf Dream Drive, is the world’s first zero-emission lullaby, invented by Nissan engineers in collaboration with Sound Designer and Sleep Coach Tom Middleton. The novelty imitates the peaceful sound frequencies of a buzzing internal combustion engine, which has a soporific effect on children, without any harmful emissions.

A new study shows that parents throughout Europe are sleep deprived. Most parents (65%) with a child under 2 years old sleep less than 5 hours a day, with 60% admitting that they resort to using a car whose sound helps their children fall asleep. Considering why parents trust this method, Nissan found that 70% of parents trust a moving vehicle, which they believe helps the child fall asleep when the calming sound frequencies of the internal combustion engine actually play a decisive role.

According to expert Paul Speed-Andrews, Nissan Development Manager, “An electric car like the Nissan LEAF is the best choice for Dream Drive. “Internal combustion engines transmit sound frequency, a combination of white, pink and brown noise, different in tone, creating an orchestral sound environment that is especially soothing to children.”

However, often this method of euthanizing children leads to an increase in the carbon footprint. However, 70% of European parents agree that electric cars will reduce their sense of guilt and want to become the best role models for their children.

To offer a solution, Nissan, in collaboration with renowned Sound Designer and Sleep Coach, created the Nissan Leaf Dream Drive, the first zero-ellipse song that contains five three-minute tracks working in harmony with the cutting-edge automotive technology available in the all-electric Leaf.

Parents can connect their smartphone to Nissan Leaf via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to enjoy lullaby music available on platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and Deezer.