Nissan unveils practical concepts for Tokyo Tuning Show

Nissan unveils practical concepts for Tokyo Tuning Show

January 14, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Nissan Motor has released photos of customized vehicles prepared for the Tokyo Auto Show.

As a reminder, this is an exhibition of tuning and auto components, which traditionally takes place in January, and should not be confused with the Tokyo Motor Show, held every two years in the fall. In 2021, the auto show, for obvious reasons, will be held online, nevertheless, Japanese automakers have prepared for it.

Nissan has developed two show cars specifically for this year’s show: the NV350 Caravan Office Pod Concept and the Note Play Gear Concept. The first of them was created in order to be able to work from anywhere in the world. This is a kind of mobile office on wheels. The van provides a full-fledged workplace (actual in the era of universal “remote work”). At the same time, it can be pushed out through the back door – so it becomes possible to work outdoors.

The side section of the NV350 Caravan Office Pod Concept, including the doors and fenders, is covered with a 3D imitation film.

The Note Play Gear Concept is built on the basis of the new third-generation Nissan Note, introduced in November 2020. The hatchback is equipped with an aero package, 17-inch aluminum wheels and a roof rack. A contrasting two-tone color is used: the main body of the body is matte black, the roof and body kit are golden.

The Tokyo Auto Salon virtual exhibition will open on January 15th. Previously, Honda, Toyota and Daihatsu announced their tuning projects.