Nissan turned the Navara pickup into an extreme SUV

Nissan turned the Navara pickup into an extreme SUV

September 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At the exhibition of commercial transport in Hanover, the Nissan will present an extreme show car Navara Dark Sky Concept

The company Nissan has published an image of a new concept car, the debut of which will take place at the International Exhibition of Commercial Vehicles in Hanover. Novelty is an extreme version of the pickup Navara with protective pads of unpainted plastic and increased ground clearance.

No details about the show car not reported. On the render you can consider four-section head optics, an additional lighting unit on the roof, arcs in the cargo platform and an off-road trailer equipped with retractable stops. The prototype can be both a design project and a harbinger of a special modification of the Navara for fans of outdoor activities.

A similar concept car, but based on the North American model of the Titan, Nissan showed in 2016. The prototype, which worked on the staff of the American design bureau Nissan, was called the Titan Warrior and was supposed to reflect the image of the ancient Greek warrior.

Later, the Japanese manufacturer introduced the Titan pickup version for extreme travel, and a mobile home for surfers.