Nissan told about the new generation of Navara pickup

Nissan told about the new generation of Navara pickup

March 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

We already know that the mass production of the next generation of the Japanese pickup Nissan Navara will be launched at the company’s plant in Mississippi. So far, the truth is not clear when this will happen. Not known are the details of the innovations that will occur with the car.

There is a new hint that the replacement of the current Nissan Navara will be presented soon. Fred DePerez, vice president of the North American branch of Nissan North America, said that the development of the long-awaited news “is in full swing.” “You will not be disappointed with the final car,” – said Deperes.

  This news is consistent with other recent news about an upcoming pickup. In January, another Nissan spokesman told Autoblog’s overseas publication that all work on the updated truck was “almost finished.” And in 2017, Nissan Vice President of Product Planning in North America, Michael Bunce, said that the upcoming pickup truck “looks great.”

The current version of the Nissan Navara refers to the 2005 model year, which makes it quite old by the standards of the current automotive market.

In the 2009 model year there was an update that refined the motor range and the overall style of the car. When the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety checked the car for the 2017 model year, the agency rated the King Cab and Crew Cab options with a margin score – one point higher than the lowest score.

  The mid-size pickup segment is currently hot, especially Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator. It is not clear how Nissan is going to fight for the buyer. It’s funny that despite the respectable age of the current generation of Japanese cars, by the end of 2018 its sales grew by 7.1%.