Nissan starts production of the updated crossover Qashqai

Nissan starts production of the updated crossover Qashqai

September 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The assembly of the car started in the United States, where the model is very popular.

The American division of Nissan has begun production of the updated Qashqai in the United States. This became known on Tuesday, September 22. The conveyor was launched in the US state of Tennessee.

Recall that in the US car market, the car is known under the name Rogue and is very popular – over 13 years it was bought by more than 3 million Americans.

Automation in the assembly of the new Nissan Rogue will be at a very high level – for this, the most modern robots will be used, and people will only be involved in complex jobs that require high qualifications.

In the near future, Nissan plans to significantly expand its lineup in the United States. The company’s management talked about six new models.

Earlier it became known that Nissan has released a special version of the Maxima sedan for the 40th anniversary of the model. The car is named 40th Anniversary Edition and features a stylish exterior with black accents. The interior of the car also received a special performance, which is able to surprise.