Nissan spoke about the development of batteries for electric Leaf

Nissan spoke about the development of batteries for electric Leaf

May 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Representatives of the Japanese brand Nissan say that the batteries that power the all-electric Leaf hatchback will last about 22 years. Batteries will recover after the end of their service life.

Speaking at the Automotive News Europe car congress in Sweden, Renault-Nissan managing director Francisco Carranza spoke about the batteries for the Leaf model. It is reported that the batteries should last for a car 10-12 years old and that the company is going to restore these batteries after the end of their service life.

The Japanese car manufacturer is working on a number of projects where it uses both new and used batteries. For example, a three megawatt energy storage system was deployed at the football stadium in Amsterdam, using the equivalent of 148 new and used battery packs.

Nissan is exploring the many ways that its cars can store energy and return it back to the network during periods when the car is not in use.

The pilot program, launched jointly with the Italian energy company Enel in Denmark, determined that the owners of the electric car Leaf can earn up to $ 1,454 on their cars, which give energy back to the network.

At the moment, electric car Leaf is available in several trim levels. Some of them, under the name of Plus, entered the dealerships in March with a base price of $ 36,550. The machine is powered by a 62 kWh battery, which allows it to travel up to 363 km without recharging. Leaf Plus will also get a more powerful 214-horsepower engine (338 Nm), which is 67 hp (19 Nm) more than standard Leaf.