Nissan showed a special variation of the Note model

Nissan showed a special variation of the Note model

October 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Nissan Note was praised because of the powerful and smooth driving performance and advanced sound insulation, which engineers were able to provide through the use of electric power unit “e-POWER”. According to the brand’s press center, the e-POWER Drive variation has also become popular, in which the function of accelerating and decelerating the car with the touch of a gas pedal has been implemented.

The “charged” Note NISMO series was well received not only by customers who are focused on sports driving, but also ordinary people. The Note e-POWER NISMO and Note e-POWER NISMO S, which have made changes to the e-POWER sports driving characteristics due to the VCM configuration, have a very rigid body with amplifications.

This model was well received by customers who want to experience the exciting feelings of the NISMO drive, one step ahead of the electric transmission.

 Note NISMO S is a combination of a special 1.6-liter engine and a 5-speed manual transmission. Now, the automaker has introduced a special modification of Note NISMO under the name Black Limited, expressing the sportiness of NISMO.

 The novelty stands out with a black hood and a roof. In addition, external elements, such as a shark fin antenna, roof spoilers and side mirrors, were painted in dark color, as a result of which the model became more rigorous.

Already in the basic configuration, the model is equipped with LED headlights, intelligent cruise control and a navigation system. The debut of this special version will take place at the Tokyo Motor Show.