Nissan Sentra-2020: design in the style of the latest Teana and the old engine

Nissan Sentra-2020: design in the style of the latest Teana and the old engine

January 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sedan of the Japanese brand Nissan Sentra became slightly larger and radically transformed externally. The new sedan will enter the market this year

At the end of 2018, in China, during the tests, they photographed an upgraded version of the Nissan sedan, which in this country is known as Sylphy, and in other markets under the name Sentra. The car caught by the paparazzi was packed in tight camouflage, but now there were pictures of sedan without masking, they were added to the base of the Chinese Industry Ministry.

It is not yet known how exactly the Nissan will position the car – as a restyled sedan or as a model of the next generation. But outwardly, sedan changed radically, its design was performed in the style of the older Nissan Altima (aka Teana) and Maxima. So, Sylphy / Sentra received a narrow LED headlights, new bumpers and taillights, other grille and bonnet.

The platform, most likely, did not change: the previous global sedan is based on the platform V. At the same time, the length of the new Sentra is 4,641 mm, which is 10 mm more than the pre-reform Chinese version, and 2712 mm.

The engine is also the same – this is the engine HR16 1.6, but its output has been increased from 126 to 139 hp. No information about the boxes. The previous sedan in China with this engine is equipped with a manual transmission or a CVT. For the former sedan in the China, the gasoline engine MRA8 1.8 (139 hp) and CVT are also provided, but this engine apparently retired. In addition, in April 2018, the Chinese sedan had a completely electric version with installation from Leaf. The design of the “green” version, most likely, will not change yet.

In China, the new Nissan Sylphy sedan will be introduced this year, the exact date has not yet been announced. However, it is possible that the States will be chosen as the premiere site – for example, in April, the auto show will open in New York. In the United States, the current Sentra is available with the turbo four MR16 1.6 (188 hp) and the aspirated MRA8 1.8 (124 hp).