Nissan Rogue under suspicion: electronics turn on brakes, causing accidents

Nissan Rogue under suspicion: electronics turn on brakes, causing accidents

September 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In relation to the model, an investigation begins – in the USA it is conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Bureau (NHTSA). The number of complaints is growing, there are already accidents with the victims, and the guilty of this is previously called the automatic braking system and its false positives.

Despite some features, the main electronic active safety systems in cars are similar. However, it was the American Rogue that came under fire, and perhaps for good reason.

Owners complain that the car sometimes applies emergency braking on its own. At least 14 accidents occurred, it is assumed for this reason, 5 people received various injuries. The total number of complaints so far has reached 843 and continues to grow. In all cases, we are talking about cars 2017-2018 model years.

Nissan issued a special service bulletin, which indirectly acknowledged the problem, but so far can not offer a way to solve it. The investigation is in the initial stage, but they promise to conduct it as soon as possible, due to the seriousness of the consequences. Sharp criticism of the automaker has already expressed some public organizations in the United States.

The automaker believes electronics may be wrong in some “unique driving situations.” These include, for example, crossing a railway crossing, driving under a low-hanging road sign or sign, and even moving across a bridge with fences. Electronics in such situations may decide that an accident is inevitable and will apply emergency braking.