Nissan released a device that prevents unintended acceleration

Nissan released a device that prevents unintended acceleration

September 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker is releasing a modified safety device for vehicles already on the market to reduce the likelihood of a collision caused by incorrectly pressing the brake and accelerator pedals.

Nissan has announced that it will launch a device in Japan on September 2, called the Extra Assistance to Prevent Accidental Acceleration. The device can be installed in any vehicle, except for certain classes, to prevent sudden acceleration due to incorrect pedaling or “pedaling too hard”, which helps to improve customer safety. The new component will be used on vehicles already on sale, and further target vehicle models will be gradually expanded.

Nissan’s Proprietary Acceleration Suppression System has a total of four ultrasonic sensors mounted in the front and rear bumpers. When parked, stopped and at speeds less than 10 km / h, they react to obstacles such as walls or other vehicles that are about three meters away. When the sensor detects an object, a special signal in the car warns the driver about it. The ultrasonic sensor can also detect glass objects, such as supermarket and shop windows.

If the system detects that the driver has mistakenly depressed the accelerator pedal instead of the brake pedal while the ultrasonic sensor detects an obstacle in the direction of travel, acceleration is prevented by the “Forward / Rear Acceleration Prevention” function. It prevents and at the same time displays a warning on the car display and informs the driver with an audible signal.

In addition, when the driver accidentally presses the accelerator pedal hard when reversing at speeds over 5 km / h, acceleration is prevented by the “reverse acceleration prevention function”, a warning is also displayed on the vehicle display, and a beep sounds.

Nissan has already equipped many vehicles and sold Collision Avoidance Assist, which helps prevent accidents by suppressing acceleration from incorrect pedaling and activating the brakes. By providing this acceleration prevention system, the company plans to help more customers drive safely and work to reduce road accidents. The cost of such an assistant will be 73,700 yen without installation.