Nissan refuses to produce the legendary 370Z roadster

Nissan refuses to produce the legendary 370Z roadster

May 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The future of the entire series also seems hazy today. Some, referring to their own sources in Nissan, say that this series will become history. Others write that the company is thinking of a new generation of 370Z.

The Japanese company Nissan may take out of production of the 370Z roadster. Such information has recently been distributed by the foreign edition of Motorauthority. According to this media, the special version of the Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary, which the automaker showed at the New York motor show, will remain without a roadster body. They intend to stop their production this year. It turns out that the 2020 model year will be the last for this modification of the sports car.

This decision was probably influenced by low demand for the Nissan 370Z roadster in the global automotive market. Recall, representatives of the company have repeatedly stressed that in their work, the brand is focused on consumer preferences. This means that Nissan is not going to waste time and resources on cars that are not interesting to their customers.

According to current statistics, last year Nissan sold just over 700 copies of the Nissan 370Z in the European market. Americans reacted to this model with greater sympathy – 3,500 sold cars.

About the changes that can wait for the whole 370Z family, nothing is yet known. According to one version, Nissan is going to give up not only the roadster, on the other – the company does not exclude the emergence of a new generation 370Z. Which of them is right – time will tell.