Nissan refused to recall cars due to emissions violations

Nissan refused to recall cars due to emissions violations

June 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Harcus Parker Law Firm is filing a class action lawsuit alleging that 100,000 Qashqai gasoline and 1.3 million Renault and Nissan diesel models violate UK emission limits. Nissan denies the claim.

Harcus Parker, a London-based company that is preparing a class action lawsuit against the two manufacturers, claims that the Department of Transportation (DfT) submitted “previously unknown documents” to a request for information, indicating that some 100,000 1.2-liter gasoline Nissan Qashqai violate emission limits in the UK “up to 15 times.”

The firm provides independent test data, also showing that up to 700,000 Renault diesel cars and 600,000 Nissan in the UK can be equipped with devices that hide real emissions data. In addition to Qashqai, we are talking about Nissan Note, Juke and X-Trail, as well as Renault Clio, Espace, Captur, Megane and Scenic 2009 – 2018 release.

It is alleged that the UK government tried to convince Nissan to recall and repair these vehicles, but the manufacturer refused to do so. In 2018, DfT stated that Qashqai “is not well designed to control CO2 in real conditions.” Harcus Parker also claims that Renault and Nissan cars running 1.5 and 1.6-liter diesel engines are some of the worst CO2 sources in the world — worse than Volkswagen and Mercedes.

The British division of Nissan strongly denied all allegations of Harcus Parker, officially declaring that “Nissan does not have and does not use any illegal devices in any of the cars, and all Nissan cars are fully compliant with applicable emissions laws.”

Despite this, the law firm claims that customers overpaid for their vehicles due to faulty devices that transmit inaccurate emission data and are entitled to compensation “in the amount of £ 5,000 each.” The company encourages owners of the affected cars to join the promotion.