Nissan recalls NV350 Caravan

Nissan recalls NV350 Caravan

February 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Unplanned repairs are also subject to rebounding Isuzu Como models. The reason is a poor-quality bearing, because of which, in the end, the power steering can fail.

The total number of cars that were recalled by Nissan Motor in Japan is 70,881. All of them were produced between May 11, 2012 and September 25, 2018 and sold on the home market.

It was established that in the roller belt drive auxiliary units in the production of the car used poor-quality bearing, which is less than the estimated service life. As a result, the tension force of the belt changes, and if the vehicle continues to operate in the same mode, the power steering pump, which is provided by the same belt, may fail. The failure of the hydraulic booster can be sudden, and if this happens during maneuvering, the risk of an accident increases significantly, the automaker states. If the system fails, the corresponding warning lamp on the instrument panel will light up.

Without inspection and diagnostics, it will be difficult for the driver to detect the presence of a defective bearing, since there are no obvious visible and audible signs of a malfunction until almost the moment of failure. The company does not insist that the owners stop the operation of potentially defective cars, but recommends that you contact the dealers for diagnostics and repair without delay.

During the service campaign, a roller with a defective bearing will be replaced, and, depending on the diagnostic results, the generator and the power steering pump will be repaired or replaced.

The automaker is aware of cases of damage caused by the defect described above, but their exact number is not given.