Nissan recalls Elgrand

Nissan recalls Elgrand

February 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The reason is the wrong testimony about the remaining fuel. Due to a design defect, the information that the fuel is running out may not be received by the driver, as a result there is a risk of remaining with an empty tank at the most unexpected moment.

This review takes place in Japan and concerns two Nissan models – the Elgrand minivan and the Civilian city bus. The total number of cars subject to an unscheduled service campaign is 80,141. It is not specified what the exact share of each of the models is, but most of it relates to the Elgrand. All cars with potential defects were produced from July 30, 2004 to October 9, 2007.

Since this is not about new cars, we can say that the defect has not manifested itself en masse for a long time, although the prerequisites for its emergence are laid constructively. As it turned out, the resistance in the electrical circuit, part of which is the device, showing the remaining fuel, is too high, which causes the circuit to heat up. It can also be triggered by other factors, including high ambient temperatures. As a result, the instrument arrow shows the wrong value: it is always higher than the real balance. In some cases, the arrow does not respond to changes in the level of fuel in the tank.

The defect may seem insignificant, however, information on the remaining fuel is extremely important in certain cases. In addition, the situation when the fuel is actually over, but there is no information about it, and the engine does not start, forces the driver to start the search for a more significant malfunction, although you only need to fill the fuel into the tank.

To correct the defect, some changes will be made to the electrical circuit.