Nissan recalls Altima again for opening doors

Nissan recalls Altima again for opening doors

February 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Like last time, the rear doors can swing open on the go, and at the most inopportune moment: you just have to use the electric window raiser.

The same cars are likely to be recalled as two years ago, although Nissan Motor does not comment on the moment. In 2017, the company announced the need to repair several hundreds of thousands of Altima 2015-2017. because of the danger of opening the rear doors while driving. Now the situation is repeated with almost complete accuracy: the reason is the same, and the number of revoked Altima differs only by two cars and is 341,003 units.

It is possible that there is an inaccuracy, or all but two cars that were withdrawn then were repaired incorrectly. This is supported by the description of the problem. The company has determined that the arrangement of wiring in the rear doors is “not completely secure.” The electric wiring of the door lock is located in such a way that it can come into contact with the window lifter mechanism. As a result, if the passenger decides to use the window regulator, turning it on, the door can swing open.

Nissan clarifies that probably no more than 1% of the recalled cars may be exposed to such a defect, but the problem affects safety, so the service campaign will be carried out in full.

During the recall will conduct diagnostics, change the layout of the wiring in the rear doors. If any components related to the recall are damaged, they will be replaced.

The review concerns the American market, it has already started in some states, the campaign will be fully launched until the end of February. Hope to complete it in the shortest possible time.