Nissan presented a twin-engine all-wheel drive system

Nissan presented a twin-engine all-wheel drive system

January 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Nissan introduced at CES 2020 a new all-wheel drive system e-4ORCE with two engines for electric vehicles.

Called e-4ORCE, this system uses two electric motors to provide “instantaneous torque on all four wheels.” The company also claims to provide balanced and predictable power as well as handling “on par with many premium sports cars.”

Representatives of the company did not go into details, but noted that the system increases traction on various road surfaces and promises to increase “driver confidence by accurately tracking the intended line of the driver due to ultra-precise control of the engine and brake.”

Most four-wheel drive systems are purely traction-friendly, but the e-4ORCE also makes driving as comfortable as possible, for which the all-wheel drive system uses regenerative braking – from both the front and rear electric motors – to minimize tilt and immersion. Nissan says it will be useful when stopping and driving, as drivers and passengers will experience less jolts in the cabin.

To cope with rough roads and offline acceleration, the power is “optimized to maintain ride comfort by minimizing irregular movement”. The system benefits from lessons learned from the development of the 4×4 Patrol system and the ATTESA E-TS torque system on the GT-R. While the latest model is performance-oriented, Nissan claims the e-4ORCE was designed to control power and braking to ensure smooth and stable driving.

The new all-wheel drive system will use the Ariya concept. In the meantime, Nissan continues to work on the e-4ORCE.