Nissan postpones Barcelona plant closure

Nissan postpones Barcelona plant closure

August 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This doesn’t happen often, but Nissan has agreed to postpone the closure of its Barcelona, ​​Spain factories by one year until December 2021.

Production facilities were originally supposed to close by the end of this year, but Nissan recently said it could postpone this to give authorities more time to find a buyer. After 30 hours of negotiations with unions, Nissan has ensured that there will be no mass layoffs until December 2021. Following the negotiations, production at the plants will resume at the end of August.

A strike by Nissan workers from the Barcelona complex began in early May, weeks before the Japanese automaker announced its decision to close factories as part of a global recovery plan. About 3,000 people work directly in Barcelona, ​​and another 20,000 people work in supplying companies.

The carmaker is currently producing the Navara pickup and the e-NV200 electric van in Barcelona. The company plans to relocate Navara production to South Africa and the successor to the e-NV200 will be built at Renault’s plant in Maubeuge, France. Nissan estimates the cost of closing factories in Barcelona at around 1.7 billion euros.

“We believe that this is the best solution for all parties, as it gives more time to find alternative re-industrialization projects, and if they are not implemented, it offers exit conditions that significantly exceed the maximum statutory limits,” – quoted the AutoTimesNews edition of the chief negotiator of Nissan Frank Torres.

So far, there is no information about potential companies interested in buying the factories. Petrochemical giant Ineos showed interest in the site for the Grenadier SUV, but later said Daimler Smart’s plant in France was a more attractive prospect.