Nissan pays special attention to the quality of the paintwork.

Nissan pays special attention to the quality of the paintwork.

December 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Now, engineers of the South Korean brand can assess the quality of painted bodies in two times faster than usual. Special installation, can emulate the effect on the painted car body of the sun’s rays.

We spend a lot of time talking about cars, we evaluate them according to different criteria – reliability, usability, free space in the cabin / trunk, etc. We compare the quality of interior materials, noise, look at the paintwork.

That’s just about the last thing I want to tell you. If you consider yourself a good automaker, you need, as they say, to keep the level. More recently, the press service of the South Korean brand Nissan has published a video that describes how much importance is paid to the durability of the paintwork on their cars.

What could be easier – to paint the body of the can, well, it can be primed and that’s it.

Yes, maybe low-cost automakers do that. Although what I am talking about is most likely what they are doing. But as I said above, you want to be a popular brand, keep your brand! To test the durability of their paint, Nissan’s engineers developed something called the Xenon Weather-Ometer. This special container creates a harsh ultraviolet environment that simulates the rays of sunlight. At a time, it can fit 100 samples of painted metal – they are tested 24/7. So for a fairly short time, the guys from Nissan can check out a large number of different colors.

It must be said that XWO is a fairly simple installation. It has a 4000 watt xenon lamp. It radiates ultraviolet waves of the same type as the sun. The painted samples are placed on a large spherical holder, which slowly rotates inside, simulating the Earth’s orbit.