Nissan NV200 Free Bird – Compact Mobile Home by Caravan Outfitter

Nissan NV200 Free Bird – Compact Mobile Home by Caravan Outfitter

March 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A small American company from Seattle, Washington has developed a package that allows you to combine two cars in one car: a commercial van, after some manipulations, turns into a motor home and vice versa.

It is the universality that the developers consider the main advantage of the model: on weekdays it can be the usual NV200, serving as a working tool, and on weekends or on vacation – Free Bird: adapted for traveling with an overnight car. It is worth noting that, by American standards, the Nissan NV200 is extremely small and inconvenient as a full-fledged mobile home, which is why the authors developed the idea of ​​“dual use”. At the same time, Caravan Outfitter notes that the project was inspired by the “recognized classics” – Volkswagen Westfalia. This camper is quite famous, incl. in the USA for several generations.

From a truck to a residential car turns into a modular design that fills the cargo compartment. In its lower part – sliding boxes for luggage, as well as a refrigerator and gas stove. NV200 Free Bird can provide passengers with a full double bed, but there are limitations: it will not work at the same time as the table installed in the central part of the cabin.

A separate battery is used to power the refrigerator and luminaires. Windows have removable curtains, an additional fan is installed. There is a box on the roof, as well as stretch awning.

It is noteworthy that the NV200 Free Bird is offered in pcs. Washington official dealers Nissan and has a warranty. The cost of the car is quite modest, in comparison with the full-sized houses on wheels and is 37 165 dollars.