Nissan Note NISMO will release a special series

Nissan Note NISMO will release a special series

October 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Not an ordinary case: a special modification will receive, in turn, a special series – Black Limited. From the other Note NISMO, it will be distinguished by a black accent finish of the exterior elements.

Note NISMO Black Limited will be released on the Japanese domestic market in November – the company has not yet given a more accurate date, but publishes photos and a description of the new item. This option will be available for several modifications – Note e-POWER NISMO, Note e-POWER NISMO S and Note NISMO S.

The release of the series is timed to coincide with two events. Firstly, the Note NISMO modification is three years old – it appeared in November 2016. Secondly, according to the manufacturer, the total sales of the Note e-POWER version reached 250,000 units – this happened at the end of July this year.

The main features of the series are the black finish of some external elements. Side mirrors, roof, shark fin antenna, rear spoiler, as well as part of the hood are painted in this color. Fully LED headlights will be offered as additional equipment (standard LEDs are in the navigation lights), but adaptive cruise control is included in the list of mandatory equipment (except for the NISMO S Black Limited). In all cases, there is preparation for installing a proprietary navigation system.

The premiere of the Note NISMO Black Limited version will take place at the 46th Tokyo International Motor Show, which will be held from October 25 to November 4.

The cost of the new version has already been announced – it will be 2,682,900 – 3,877,700. Note NISMO Black Limited will be offered only in the domestic market of Japan. It does not specify in what volumes it is planned to release the series, and also does not indicate the period of time during which it can be purchased.