Nissan Motor may reduce over 20 thousand employees

Nissan Motor may reduce over 20 thousand employees

May 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Information about the reductions planned by the Japanese brand around the world appeared in news feeds. Among the main regions of the media are called, including Europe.

Nissan Motor is going to cut over 20 thousand of its employees worldwide. On Friday, May 22 with reference to the largest news agency in Japan, Kyodo. The latter, in turn, appeals data obtained from a source in the company itself. It is reported that a wave of layoffs will affect mainly Europe and countries with economies in transition. All these measures are taken as part of the restructuring plan. Specific countries that fall under reductions are not named.

According to Kyodo, the changes will also affect the Japanese market. However, it is not specified what character they will bear: they will affect the points of sale of machines or production facilities.

Among the main reasons why the brand decided to take such drastic measures is the drop in car sales due to the COVID – 19 pandemic.