Nissan Micra and Mazda2 failed the crash test Latin NKAP

Nissan Micra and Mazda2 failed the crash test Latin NKAP

August 1, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Automakers continue to pay insufficient attention to cars that are sold in Latin America, which is confirmed by new crash tests using the method of Latin NCAP.

As the organization reports on its official website, a new crash test was conducted for the models of the Nissan Micra (in Latin America it is known as March) and Mazda2, which were produced in factories in Mexico. It is noteworthy that the first model was broken three years ago by the organization, and then the “car” received three stars for the protection of the driver and front passenger, although experts stated that the hatchback weakly protects the chest and knees, but also marked deformation of the floor, but serious injuries this lack of driver and passengers is not threatened.

But the new technique, which includes a side impact, showed that cars for Latin American countries are not able to protect their owners in a qualitative way from a side impact – they do not have side airbags and curtain airbags. Also points were taken for missing sensors of seat belts and Isofix fasteners, but for the absent ABS system points are not removed by Latin NCAP experts. With a frontal impact, dummy damage was similar, but the verdict is disappointing – one star.

As for the Mazda2, this hatch coped with its task much better. With a frontal impact, the driver will be adequately protected, while the passenger has a chance to get out of the accident without scratching at all. With a side impact, chest injuries are possible, the points were removed and because of the missing side cushions and safety curtains. The evaluation was reduced due to the lack of a stabilization system in the basic configuration, as well as seat belt sensors, which, although installed, do not meet the standards of the organization. As a result – two stars.

On the territory of Mexico, not a single safety standard operates, and automakers are slow to equip their cars in basic versions with airbags, which resulted in the sale of cars on the local market for many years, which, when struck at a speed of 64 kilometers per hour, were deformed to the middle of the cabin .