Nissan may stop releasing its most affordable hatchback Versa Note

Nissan may stop releasing its most affordable hatchback Versa Note

March 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The reason for which the budget model can leave the market is trivial – it’s difficult for a Nissan hatch to compete with today’s popular SUV segment cars. Low sales force the brand to adjust the line of conduct in the market.

The Japanese company Nissan is going to stop production of the Versa Note hatchback. And this, unfortunately, is not rumors and conjectures of experts. There is no place for the new brand development plan for this model – the release of the budget hatchback will end this year. This development of experts was not surprised: compact models are now losing ground, giving way to crossovers and off-road vehicles. From here very modest sales.

According to experts’ estimates of the specialized publication CarSalesBase, in 2018 Nissan dealers managed to attach 75,809 Versa Note cars – this number included hatchbacks and sedans. In general, the result is acceptable, but the comparison with other models is not in favor of the Nissan cars.

Interestingly, only the Versa Note in the hatchback body will give to oblivion, sedans were given a chance to prove themselves. Their release will be conducted at least until 2020. After that, the car will need to upgrade security systems and electronic assistants.