Nissan may start a partnership with Honda

Nissan may start a partnership with Honda

January 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Against the backdrop of rumors about the withdrawal from the Renault-Nessan Mitsubishi alliance of one of the key automakers, analysts considered a merger between Nissan and Honda possible.

According to LightStream Research analyst Mio Kato, reports of “broken” relations between Nissan and Renault (even if both companies publicly declare otherwise) may prompt the Japanese automaker to look for a new partner, cooperation with which would allow it to compete with Toyota. This is possible if an agreement is reached with Honda.

“Honda has never been involved in aggressive mergers and acquisitions, and it is hard to imagine a merger between Honda and Nissan, but given Toyota’s growing competitiveness, we believe that if Nissan wants to find an alliance partner instead of Renault, Honda may not be against this idea “, Said Kato.

Neither Honda nor Nissan responded to journalists’ requests, but Nissan recently refuted allegations that it was thinking of ending its alliance with Renault after the recent escape of former board chairman Carlos Gon from Japan.

Kato believes that as car manufacturers hope to establish strong partnerships in the coming years, the Japanese auto industry can be divided into two giant groups, one of which will be Toyota, which already has shares in Mazda, Suzuki and Subaru.

If Nissan refused Renault’s collaboration in favor of Honda, the new group’s annual sales could grow from just under 11 million units a year to about 12 million units a year.