Nissan Leaf owners complain about sensors

Nissan Leaf owners complain about sensors

August 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The 2011 American owners of the Nissan Leaf asked the government to start an investigation due to frequent sensor failures in the electric car. So, they do not always recognize the passenger in the front seat.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has become interested in history. If she considers the defect to be a sufficient reason for recall, about 10,000 Leaf will enter the service campaign.

According to one of the motorists, the sensor, which should determine who occupies the front seat, an adult or a child, from time to time does not recognize a person at all. As a result, at the time of an accident, airbags may not work. It should be noted that on the dashboard at this moment a warning lights up that the security system is not working properly, however, it suggests eliminating it by replacing the front seat.

According to the car enthusiast, he turned to the dealer, who designated him the minimum cost of replacing the seat – $ 3,400, but this amount could rise to $ 5,134 if you need to additionally replace the airbag diagnostics unit.

The dealer refused to replace the seat for free, since the 2011 Nissan Leaf warranty ended a long time ago. It should be noted that in 2016 Nissan announced a mass recall in connection with a similar problem, it included millions of cars of various models, including Leaf, but the 2011 electric car was not included in that recall.