Nissan Leaf made a “Christmas tree”

Nissan Leaf made a “Christmas tree”

December 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese corporation Nissan has decorated Leaf electric car for the new year. The hatchback was decorated with thousands of LED bulbs that are designed to remind motorists that battery cars can independently generate energy through recovery.

Energy recovery in the Nissan Leaf takes place via the e-Pedal electronic accelerator pedal. With its help, you can control both acceleration and deceleration up to a complete stop.

  Also, after activating the B mode, the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy by simply applying the brake pedal. For example, over 17,700 km, Leaf produces up to 744 kilowatts of clean electricity. This is approximately 20% of the total energy consumption per year.

 In the European market, Nissan sells two versions of Leaf with engines of 150 and 211 hp. (320 and 340 Nm of torque) and batteries with a capacity of 40 and 61 kW / h. On one charge, the hatchback can travel from 270 to 385 km. In addition, the long-range Leaf e + supports charging with 100 kilowatts, and simple – only 50 kilowatts.

In addition, a Nissan GT-R50 render with a mid-engine location has recently appeared on the network. The current generation of the Japanese sports car was shown back in 2007, which means that this year the car is already 12 years old.