Nissan Leaf became the first electric car to overcome 400 000 copies

Nissan Leaf became the first electric car to overcome 400 000 copies

March 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Global sales of electric cars are growing by leaps and bounds: in 2018, they jumped 64%. Now the company Nissan shared the good news: it announced that Leaf was the first electric machine whose cumulative sales exceeded 400,000 units.

In this case, supplies of two generations of Leaf are taken into account. It is difficult to say how such a statement is considered a marketing ploy: although the first and second Leaf belong to the same family, they are still different models. But even if you approach this issue as strictly as possible, the Japanese electric car will still remain a record holder: it has no competitors anyway.

The first generation Nissan Leaf was introduced in December 2010. His successor appeared in October 2017. Recently, the manufacturer announced a new version of Leaf e + with a battery capacity of 62 kWh, which is 55% more than the standard model (40 kWh). In addition, the power was increased from 150 to 218 hp. The power reserve of the Nissan Leaf e + on a single charge in EPA mode reaches 364 km, which is 122 km more than the regular model.

Today, the Japanese model is available in three countries: in Japan, the UK and the USA. Nissan Leaf supplies more than 50 markets. In total, the cars in this series covered more than 10 billion kilometers. According to Nissan, every year Leaf electric cars save about 3.8 million barrels of oil (approximately 600 million liters).

In 2018, Leaf became the most popular electric car in Europe (over 40,000 units were sold), while in Norway it turned out to be a best seller among all cars.