Nissan launches two-tone Juke

Nissan launches two-tone Juke

September 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Nissan Design Europe (NDE) in London developed a wide range of body colors, while Nissan’s Sunderland plant handled the precision painting process.

The NDE team in London, led by Leslie Busby, NDE Color Manager, has identified the colors and developed two-tone combinations that will be included in the new Nissan Juke’s color palette. Claire Errington, paint shop manager at Nissan Sunderland, was responsible for ensuring that the colors were accurately reproduced and applied to the SUV at the factory.

The team of engineers worked for over a year before the customer’s first car was painted using a careful procedure to ensure color accuracy. There are clear specifications for how a color should look on a car, how much paint should be applied, and what paint quality is required.

Using four state-of-the-art Nissan Sunderland paint shops, a € 111 million investment specifically for the Juke, experienced Nissan operators apply multiple coats of paint to the SUV. A high-tech procedure ensures that every car gets shine and attention.

Nissan now offers 11 body colors paired with three roof colors, offering a total of 15 two-tone combinations. All of them are specially created for the Nissan Jule, including its signature Fuji Sunset Red shade. Customers can choose their favorite combination using the online configurator, which provides a preview of the selected body color option.