Nissan launches quarantine social campaign

Nissan launches quarantine social campaign

April 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker announced the launch of the #drawdrawdraw social campaign.

Nissan’s recently created 23-page coloring book includes legendary models and a concept car. As many people remain at home due to the spread of coronavirus worldwide, Nissan designers from around the world have spent several weeks creating this coloring book.

“When a great creative idea comes to my mind, the best way to make it is to“ draw, draw and draw. ” Nissan designers around the world are now drawing and dreaming. This is what creates the best work, so I thought: “We will give you the opportunity to be creative and share it together,” ”said Alfonso Albaisa, senior managing director of Nissan Global Design.

“This campaign was inspired by the words of Giovani Arova, the designer of the Nissan Aria concept, which was announced last year,” said Arubaisa.

As part of the campaign, brand designers will regularly publish a video of the process of creating model design or just the drawing process. In addition, Nissan wants anyone to post on social media a video of the process of creating their own picture with the hashtag “#drawdrawdraw”. It could be a sidewalk drawing, a napkin sketch, or a coloring book downloaded from Nissan’s website.

“We look forward to sharing our passion and creativity with you. Do not be surprised if Nissan designers comment on your work, ”said the top manager.