Nissan launches production of body parts for 30-year-old Skyline

Nissan launches production of body parts for 30-year-old Skyline

March 16, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Good news for owners of older Skyline GT-R R32 sports cars – Nissan has expanded the catalog of returned-to-production parts for them.

The R32 was produced in 1989-1993 and has already become a classic, many spare parts for it are in short supply. Nissan began “reprinting” parts for this model in late 2017, with only select engine, transmission, chassis, bumpers and trim components available so far. Now the transfer case assembly, the inner “tailgate” panel and a number of small parts have been added.

Until now, Nissan has not produced new steel body parts for R32, since they require very expensive stamping equipment (matrix and punch), which does not pay off in small circulations. However, at the end of October 2019, the company developed unique equipment for the bypass production of bodywork of non-serial or discontinued cars – the panels are tapped out by a universal CNC robot, the matrix and punch are not required. A part on such a machine is produced for a very long time – several hours instead of several seconds on a stamp, but the quality is very tolerable, in terms of surface and geometric parameters the panel is only slightly worse than an industrially stamped one.

It is on such a machine that the inner panel of the “tail” R32 is made – this is a particularly scarce position, there are no new ones left in the warehouses. In the future, the range of reissued body components will expand.

The NISMO Heritage Parts division is responsible for the manufacture of spare parts for rarities in the Nissan structure. The rear panel for the R32 will start selling from April 1, the price is 143,000 yen (about 96,000 rubles). The transfer case costs 239,000 yen (about 160,000 rubles).

Components are available to order from the official NISMO Heritage Parts website.