Nissan is testing a new NV400

Nissan is testing a new NV400

April 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The basis of the new model will form the van Renault Master. For the first time the French model was introduced in 1981. In the second generation, released in 1997, cooperation began with Nissan, which introduced a re-gaming model like the Nissan Interstar. In 2010, the third generation Renault Master was introduced, which was turned by Nissan as NV400.

The model will get a redesigned look. New headlights will be installed. Lighting elements, rising in the Master to the front racks, at the Nissan will be horizontal. The front grille is close to square in shape. The bumper and hood have also been upgraded. Rear lights will be finalized.

It should be noted that the Renault Master and the Nissan NV400 practically have no differences in trim levels and finishes, so it is expected that the new versions will also be identical. It is assumed that the layout of the cabin will be changed. Information on technical characteristics is not disclosed. Rumors claim that the model range will be supplemented with a version with a plug-in hybrid module.

The premiere of the new Nissan NV400 may take place as early as September.