Nissan is testing a new generation of hatchback Leaf

Nissan is testing a new generation of hatchback Leaf

October 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker has created a test car based on the outgoing Leaf e +, equipped with new technologies that will be used in the company’s next-generation electric vehicles.

It is driven by two engines, one for each axle, which generate a total power of 304 hp. and 680 Nm of torque. This arrangement creates an electric all-wheel drive system that is complemented by other technologies, such as regenerative braking, which minimizes the angle of inclination and immersion, and a system that uses independent brake control on each wheel, which allows drivers to enjoy high-speed cornering with minimal steering.

“Soon, Nissan will release a new generation electric car, which will be a real breakthrough. The new four-wheel drive technology that is currently under development combines Nissan’s electric 4WD drive and control technology with our chassis control technology to achieve a huge leap in acceleration, cornering and braking compared to the latest sports cars, ”said the senior Vice President of Research and Advanced Technology, Takao Asami.

With a length of 4,480 mm, a width of 1,830 mm and a height of 1540 mm, the Leaf test car is 10 mm shorter, 42 mm wider and 10 mm higher than a conventional hatchback, but it retains the same wheelbase of 2,700 mm. In addition, it has extended wheel arches and 17-inch rally-style wheels, shod in 215/55 front and 235/50 rear tires.

Inside, Nissan engineers equipped it with an infotainment system with a large 12.3-inch display, capable of real-time reporting of control technology using a user-friendly graphical interface that helps drivers better understand it.