Nissan is already working on the successor of 370Z

Nissan is already working on the successor of 370Z

January 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

“The rumors about the death of Nissan’s Z-sports cars are greatly exaggerated,” said Nissan Motor’s planning director Philip Klein.

“We are working on this very productively, but I do not have instructions yet to disclose any information to you,” Klein told Automotive News at the Detroit Motor Show this month.

Last year’s press reports noted that the segment of the automotive market for Z-models became too “tight”, so that Nissan, most likely, will not produce a sports car of such a plan. Klein argues the opposite.

“Z is a complex segment of the market,” said the top manager. “It’s shrinking all over the world.” But we continue to believe that there is a place for Z and we want to preserve the model and this is what we are working on now. ”

“This is a mid-term,” he added. – There are other ideas for long. If we are making a brand new car, how should it be to cause a passion? And we are working very seriously on this – how do we save Z, refresh it and how could the next generation be? ”

True, the growing popularity of SUV has reduced the needs of consumers in “speed, acceleration and controllability” when choosing a car. At the same time, due to the growing demands for safety, the cost and weight of cars increased due to additional safety systems, heavier axles and increased brakes. All this complicates the development of the next generation of Z, traditionally positioned as an affordable and easy sports car. But that does not mean that the concept is dead, Klein said.