Nissan introduced updated logos for the brand and sports model Z

Nissan introduced updated logos for the brand and sports model Z

March 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Recently filed trademark applications suggest that Nissan may rebrand the company logo as well as the 370Z sports car logo.

The fact that the Nissan brand will receive a new logo, it became known after viewing recent applications for registration of trademarks. The new automaker logo, registered in the UK, Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina, has become more minimalistic, abandoning the chrome finish of the existing logo and its three-dimensional appearance.

 Instead, the proposed new Nissan logo will be two-dimensional and monochrome, with a sans-serif font for the name of the company, which will be surrounded by thin dotted arcs above and below.

 The new logo retains a central tent and a circular shape, and it is clearly based on the current version of the badge. This is reminiscent of the efforts made by BMW and other automakers to modernize their image (changing the logo) using simpler and cleaner forms – although we believe that Nissan’s graphics are better than that of BMW.

We actually looked at the new logo for the first time when the concept of the Nissan Ariya crossover was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019. Lighting on the electric crossover icon almost exactly corresponds to the new applications for logos, which makes us think that we are faced with exactly the new corporate Nissan logo, which will appear in all models of the brand in the near future.

The next-generation Nissan Z sports coupe is also likely to receive a new badge – information taken from the same trademark applications that were filed in Canada and New Zealand. Nevertheless, unlike the modern sports logo of the Nissan Z, the new one, apparently, will look like those icons that were used on the very first versions of the model. Unlike the current Z nameplate, the new logo will have the letter “Z” with serifs and a line in the middle, almost identical to the badge used on the original 240Z of 1971.